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Everything you need to see in Wellington, New Zealand.

I said Kia Ora to Wellington only in August and I have fallen in love with this weird and wonderful city! It really has everything. You get to live in the city without the usual, overwhelming hustle and bustle of big cities such as Sydney or London. My favorite thing is that you are never more than a stones throw away from a beautiful view of the hills or the water but with all the convenience of city living!

So whether you're in Wellington for a few days, weeks or months here are some of the places and sights you should check out whilst your here.

Places to Eat & Drink.

If you have the time or budget to be grabbing some food or heading out for a drink some really great places to check out are

  • Eva Beva- Hands down the best brunch I've had whilst on my travels you have to try their Eggs Benedict it will get you through a day of walking around the city
  • Ivy bar- If you are wanting a night out to remember check out Ivy, a fantastic gay bar with a phenomenal drag scene, head on a friday to check out some amazing performances from the likes of Claire Voyant & Lily Loudmouth.
  • Memphis Coffee- Looking to grab a coffee to go? Memphis is the place to go with amazing coffee and excellent people serving it to you 
  • Hell Pizza- eat in or take away, Hells has it all from Pizza to Pasta to Lamb Shank, Mash & gravy DELICIOUS 
  • The Dumpling Company- SO many great dumpling places in Wellington if you happen upon a The  Dumpling Company definitely head in
  • Fidel's- Another great brunch spot with beautiful outdoor areas to catch the rays in 
  • CGR Merchants & Co- Fancy a quiet spot with delicious cocktails? head to CGR, agreat rum bar with something to tickle everyone's fancy 
  • Hawthorne Lounge- If you love cocktails with love in them check out Hawthorne's, if you're not really a cocktail person just talk to one of the bar staff tell them what you usually and they'll whip you up something weird and wonderful that you're bound to love


A lot of tours that you can pay for Wellington are places that you can just go check out yourself if you don't particularly want a tour guide walking you round but something definitely worth the $28( NZD) is the Weta Cave Workshop Tour you get to check out where Weta makes all their prosthetic s, weapons, props, sets for films such as a little know Lord of the Rings trilogy, District 9 and niche cult classics such as Meet the Feebles and Black Sheep. The tour guides are great and can answer almost any film buffs questions. Super interesting insight in to how the big screen productions are brought to us and the breathtaking amount of detail that goes in to their work.


Te Papa- The one museum you have to check out in Wellington is of course Te Papa. It's completely free to walk around and open until 6 everyday! There are some exhibitions you have to pay to see. We paid to see the Gallipoli exhibition and it was worth every penny it was amazing and humbling and completely stunning.


Wellington is amazing for just heading out your door and going for a beautiful walk, all within walking distance of the city centre you can head up and check out

  • Mount Vic- Walk up and check out the view of the whole of Wellington watch the planes fly in over you.
  • Cable Car- A must do is the cable car that runs every 10 min 7 days a week for $7 (NZD) return, head up to summit that leads to a beautiful view and to the botanic gardens
  • Te Ahumairangi Hill Lookout- A little less know, so a little less busy! Take a wonder and check out the views you may even spot a feline friend who likes attention of tourists. Picture Perfect
  • George Denton Park & Polhill Reserve a gorgeous quiet walk that will lead you up to the wind turbine with a stunning view and if you fancy a bike track for you to ride along

Image may contain: sky, ocean, tree, plant, outdoor, nature and water


A view around every corner, not up for hill climbing here are some outdoor spots you should most certainly have to go see!

  • Oriental Bay A beautiful walk with a little beach go dip your toes in the water and soak up the views
  • Days Bay (ferry) If you head to the waterfront you can jump on a ferry and head of to Days Bay, the ferry ride is a beautiful way to sock up the views of Wellington, then chill out at the beach and jump of the pier in to the water, a lovely day out away from the city!
  • Botanic Gardens Just head up in the cable car and check out the gardens idyllic and peaceful and just a bloody lovely way to spend an afternoon!
  • Waterfront You can't miss it! Wellington's waterfront is such a nice walk I often catch myself self taking the long way home just so I can walk down the waterfront, as someone from England I just love that I can be in a city then breathing in the sea air minutes later. And on a hot day head down and take a dive from the jumping board!
  • Somes Island If you take the ferry to Days bay it will also stop off at Sommes Island half way which is lovely weekend afternoon, take a stroll round the island and take a picnic and relax you'll only need a few hours there so sleep in and head over mid day, can't think of a better way to spend a Saturday.

Image may contain: ocean, sky, tree, cloud, outdoor, nature and water

Image may contain: tree, plant, sky, outdoor and nature


Wellington Underground Markets- A must see in Wellington, right on the waterfront head over on Saturday (10am-4pm) or Sunday (Sep/Oct/Dec 10am-4pm) grab a coffee and have a wonder round the stalls featuring arts & crafts, clothes and other bits a pieces, there's also a good selection of food stalls to take your pick from.

Night Markets- Right in the heart of the city on Cuba st head over to the night markets and take it all in. Every Friday and Saturday- it's the perfect evening stroll. I got some pretty cool jewelry and some amazing churros and choc sauce from one of the food stalls!

Recycle Boutique & Paper bag princess- If your looking to add to your wardrobe on your travels, Wellington is the capital of the Op shops, slowly quickly but surely my entire wardrobe is becoming solely from these shops amazing finds and amazing prices! They also have some incredible vintage pieces for you to have a nosey at! They have everything from Asos to Chanel to Kate Spade.

Things we haven't done but plan to see

We have been here a while and still haven't got round to seeing everything we want! A couple of places I want to go see include Red Rocks & Zealandia

Is there anything I missed or anything you want to go see? Let me know in comments! I would love to hear from you!


So You Want to Move to New Zealand

I am so happy here in New Zealand at the moment I love it so much! There is just a beautiful scene to take in around every corner and I think everyone should visit here! And it’s pretty easy to get here on a ‘Working Holiday Visa’.

Working Holiday Visa’s are available to 18-30 year old (35 for a few countries). This will allow you to work and travel in NZ for up to 12 months and If you’re from the UK or Canada you can stay for 23 months! (Although be warned you can only work 12 out of the 23 months). You can also study or train for up to 6 months.

It’s really easy to apply you can apply online by heading to the Working Holiday Visa’s page and selecting the country you are from. This page will give you a little overview of the visa: Age range, duration, etc... It will also have a little ‘things to note’ section for example if you are from the UK: you can’t accept a permanent job or bring children on your visa.

Now all you have to do is create an account and you can apply! Once you've applied it will be approved within 48 hours, once approved all you need to do is print your visa off and make sure you have it with you in your carry on.

Conditions of travelling to New Zealand on a Working Holiday Visa

Now I’m from the UK so I can only talk about my experience. You are told you must have a certain amount of money to enter the country the website says $350 a month or already have a return ticket home. They DID CHECK our funds when we arrived... but I know from a lot of people that most people don’t get checked so you could walk right in... but we did, so are you willing to take that risk?

We just showed screenshots of our online bank account and a paycheck that was coming through to our bank the next week and informed them that we already had a place to stay and that was enough and they let us through.

Other points to note:

Once you've got your Visa you have 12 months to enter the country so you don't even need to leave in a rush, you could get your visa and save for a few months worry free.

After you arrive in New Zealand, you can come and go from New Zealand as many times as you like before your visa expires.

Your visa is valid from the date you enter NZ, if you are outside NZ or the date your visa is granted if you are already in NZ.

You must apply for entry permission when you arrive in NZ. You can do this by completing an arrival card that you'll get given on the plane to fill out.

You can be refused entry if:
you don’t meet their character requirements, your circumstances have changed since you were granted a visa or you’re unable to provide evidence of any onward travel or you don't have enough money.

You need to note if you are wanting to work you will pay taxes so you’ll need a New Zealand bank account and IRD number to pay tax. You can apply for an IRD number online through Inland Revenue. And of course, you must leave NZ before your visa expires!

It's pretty damn simple considering you could apply and be on the other side of the world within a week!

Are you planning on coming to New Zealand? Or are you already here and have some advice you want to share? Let me know in the comments below!
Sash x

Images from Pixabay

10 New Year's Resolutions I am Desperate to Keep!

New year’s resolutions... do you love them or hate them? I for one have never been much of a fan in the past, I feel like people set unattainable standards for themselves or try too much drastic change too quickly that by the time February has rolled around they’ve burnt themselves out and splurge and break resolutions. (If you're not into resolutions I would recommend Lily Pebbles blog post  about how this year she isn't doing resolutions because she is happy as she is!)

BUT this year am I giving it a go, because slowly but surely I want to improve myself this year perhaps because I’m turning 25 and freaking out slightly that time is passing me by and I can’t rely on my youth alone... and I kinda thought now is a good a time as any.

SO here are my goals that I have started working on for Work/Travel/Life for 2018.


1. I am determined to post consistently on this blog and to see where things take me, I already have a weekly schedule planned out with a ton of things I want to talk about, covering lifestyle, beauty, travel, and causes I’m passionate about.
My real 9-5 life isn’t a huge concern for me right now as my main focus is travel, I am happy with my ‘real’ job right now I am progressing well and  my current temp gig ends in April and this is when we go and travel work free for a few months which means I can focus more of that time on this blog. Yay!


2. The road trip: Rich and I have a HUGE three-month trip planned starting at the end of April through until July. The goal is to see as much of New Zealand as possible and document every moment.

3. We often film our outings but I don’t tend to do much with the footage so I want to start uploading these to Youtube with the goal being to document my life for me and my family/friends... I’m not too bothered if these get any views as such I just can’t wait to watch it all back when I’m older!


4. As I mentioned at the beginning of this post I really want this to be the year of self-improvement. I’ve started some of these towards the end of December to try and get me into the swing of things but by this time next year I would ideally like to lose 14lbs by doing the following:
5. Drink 1.5 litres of water every day
6. Cut down on the diet drink addiction!!
7. Walk to work
8. Get back to the gym 2-3 times a week,
9. Wake up earlier
10. Stop getting Ubers home from work!

I am the worst at sticking to new year's resolutions as are most people say they are but I think this year I’ve set myself some pretty attainable goals and hopefully by putting my intentions out there in the world I might feel a little more accountable... I might even schedule a blog post in a few months telling you how I’m getting along with my resolutions!?

What are your goals for 2018? I’d love to read them and maybe pinch some ideas or do you hate the idea of new year's resolutions? Let me know in the comments below

2017 a Year in Pictures

I'm Back! And Happy New Year. I've decided I WILL post every single week if I possibly can... starting today! I have lots lined up for this year so I thought I'd start off with a roundup of 2017 internationally catastrophic... personally pretty damn good!


I took my last picture of 2017 with an old School friend & In January we said goodbye to Sydney with a bang, watching the fireworks over the Sydney Harbour Bridge and a few days later we were headed for the farm!

Off to the farm, we went in a failed attempt to get our second year Oz Visa (for which you need 77 days of farm work under your belt)... In the middle of nowhere but a short drive from one of the most beautiful places, I have ever been Boona Boona National Park with views so breathtaking no images could do it justice. The star gazing you could do at this place!! I saw the entire Milky Way Belt for the first time in my life!
But farm life was hell on earth! Outdoor showers, internet limits, no shops, literally nothingggggg within walking distance, and farm work picking apples in 40 degrees... Let's just say I didn't last long. I think it's fair to say that I'm a city girl through and through! Back to the city we go!

I'm a city girl... get me out of hereeeeeeeeee... Hello Brisbane


Night time walks around Brisbane, it was SO HOT during the day we did a lot of night time adventuring, Brisbane was a beaut with a highlight being that they have their own man-made beach in the middle of the city called Streets Beach


March and April for Rich and I were spent working Monday-Friday and lots of weekend travel. Brisbane is a really great base to get to lots of other locations such as the Gold Coast, where you can go to Australia Zoo (Steve Irwin's Zoo), Wet n Wild Water Park or just go chill at the beach like we did.
We also found lots of Botanical Gardens to walk around. Even in the cities of Oz, you're never more than a stone's throw away from some beautiful nature.


In April me and Rich celebrated our 4 year anniversary is the most beautiful hotel on the Gold Coast... It was beautiful I just wish I'd taken more photos!! That's definitely a New Years resolution for me!


Off to Cairns we fly, Eddy was all ready.

We had the most glorious 2 and half weeks in Cairns it was beautiful and after working in an office for months, 2-3 weeks of nothingness and adventure was exactly what I needed!

Cairns included: Kuranda Scenic railway 1000 feet above sea level through one the oldest rainforests on the entire earth! A hostel with a swimming pool, a trip to a village in a rain forest, watching 1000's upon 1000's of bats fly in over the city, the most beautiful botanical gardens I have ever seen (we saw no crocs, unfortunately) and then I swam in the Great Barrier Reef!!!


June took us to 'bloody hell it's freezing' Melbourne, this was the first time Rich and I had been in less than 25 degrees for almost a year and my god was it a shock to the system! Being from the UK we felt right at home!

Melbourne was beautiful despite the brisk weather and it did feel rather comforting for a while. We stayed in a beautiful area called St Kilda. At first in the worlds worst hostel but then we ended up in an Airbnb with the nicest chap you could ever hope to meet. It was SO NICE not living in a hostel for the 1st time in 10 months we had our own space and it was great being back in a house with sofas instead of benches nailed to walls!

We once again got work and went off for weekend walks, and if you look really carefully in the picture above (bottom left) you can see the fin of 2 live dolphins swimming around the harbour, and to think we were only there to see the penguins that swim in every night! Apparently, that was very rare and we were very lucky.


In July we were getting ready to say goodbye to Australia and we were preparing for New Zealand but our host Charles wouldn't let us leave without first seeing the Great Ocean Road and the Twelve Apostles.


We then Celebrated Rich's birthday we an entire day Lord of the Rings movie marathon... ALL THREE... in ONE day


Hello New Zealand, hello Wellington.

Arrived in Wellington welcomed by that infamous wind, we moved in with a friend from back home in a let's say 'characterful' flat! 


Working Weeks, Walking Weekends. Got a lovely little office job so we could start saving for our big road trip come April 2018. And started discovering the little gems of Wellington, including the cable car which leads to a beautiful view of Welly and to the Botanical Gardens which was a beautiful way to spend a Sunday afternoon. Oriental Bay and a few more trips up Mount Vic were also on the cards in September as well as Te Papa museum with the breathtaking Gallipoli exhibition, all the models you see in the pictures above were the size of an entire room, it was phenomenal and the again the pictures really can't do it justice. The detail was insane, and the whole exhibition was sobering.


Weekend strolls now the weather is improving, when we first arrived in Welly we were rained out almost every weekend... sod's law. We did a couple of walks up and around the Hills of Wellington and the views speak for themselves.

We took a spontaneous trip up to Auckland on let's say a 'memorable' 12 hour overnight bus trip, it was nice to see another part of NZ. We went to see Matilda at the theatre and it was magical, and adorable and inspirational to boot!


Ahhh the weather is finally starting to warm up, and my goodness is Wellington beautiful in the sun! And my favorite time of year... BONFIRE NIGHT. I went to see the fireworks at the windy waterfront, I thought bonfire night was only celebrated in England so I was thrilled to get my firework fix.

Image may contain: fireworks and night

This weekend walk was probably one of my faves since we came to Welly, we walked and talked and walked and talked up and over some hills and wound back down towards Oriental Bay and this mini beach


I'll never, ever, ever get used to the fact that it is hot around Christmas time! I don't have as many pictures as I'd like mainly because I got a Polaroid camera and got snap happy and pictures of Polaroids just won't cut and it's nice to have some pictures that are just for me!

and 2017 ended with tequila shots and a BANG

Quite a year...

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The Top 10 Podcasts Everyone Should Be Listening To

I am a biigggg fan of podcasts! This stems from back in England when I was commuting 45 minutes to work everyday and I started to get really bored of my music collection. So I needed a little more stimulation during all those hours a week staring out of a tram or bus window. And then I discovered podcasts.

So whether you need a little background noise to sleep or some entertainment on the way to work here's my list of my ultimate top 10 podcasts I listen to on the regular. And I do believe there is something on this list for everyone, boys, girls, everyone in between, the young and the old.

  • A weekly podcast starring the QI elves (the researchers for the show) a 30 minute podcast where each elf talks about their favourite fact they've found that week and they riff from there. These guys are incredibly funny and you can learn a little something along the way.

  • Not as terrifying as it sounds, a weekly podcast with the amazing comedian Deborah Frances-White. Listen to the ladies talk about all our insecurities and laugh along  to the reasons we can all agree on that make us rubbish feminists. GF always has hilarious and interesting guests on to help tackle life's 21st century problems such as tinder nightmares and body hating we can all relate to.

  • So the guys at Rooster Teeth are a gaming based company they make the phenomenally successful online show Red vs Blue. Just because RT are based around gaming and that might not be your cup of tea, I really do believe this podcast is for everyone!! The guys (usually; Gus, Burnie, Barbara and, Gav) talk about everything from games, tv shows to funny life stories *including wet dreams on planes and making their employees throw up). This is the kind of podcast that has you being the crazy person on the bus because you are laughing out loud (this has happened to me a few times) This one is probably my all time favourite podcast and I try to never miss an episode.

  • From the guys at Yogscast comes this rowdy podcast consisting of gaming, stories and ramblings about life. These 3 guys will have you in stitches. Again you don't have to be a big fan of their other work. This podcast is a work of art all on it's own. With Lewis, Pyrion and Sips.My favourite topics they have covered are bleached body parts, hairy ladies and optimal nap methods.  If you just to tune out of lifes nonsense for a little while, this is the one.

  • If you are on the internet and don't know who Grace Helbig is we cannot be friends! This absolute queen of the internet brings you this hilariously dumb podcast featuring all your fave stars of the internet for 45 minutes of hilarity that has you asking the real questions in life such as who do you want to throw cold spaghetti at!? If you don't know Grace this is a great introduction. I had the pleasure of meeting her once at a book signing and her real life charm and wit really shines through in this podcast!

  • From the absolute OG's of Youtube comes this amazing pod from the infamous Green brothers. Find out how everything is about death in the most extremely amusing way and take with a bucket of salt some with dubious advice from this gracious duo. Always funny always informative and always something to learn about Mars and, small league English football teams. A must listen!!

  • Chris Hardwick hosts one of the most popular podcasts in the charts. Learn everything you can about his amazing guests such as Sarah Jessica Parker, Patrick Stewart and, Anna Kendrick! Always witty,  always eye opening this is one of my favourite podcasts to listen to with stars this bloody famous! I didn't know who Chris was before this podcast which seems crazy now but he is really funny and just so real. And I've learned a lot about some stars from this pod! 

  • So these guys haven't uploaded in a while but there is a fantastic back catalogue for you to go listen to. Join Jon, Dan and, Matt week in week out whilst they talk their way through everything video games, Trump and stupid everyday life with a rib-tickling realism. The best thing about these podcasts is that they are bloody loonnggggg. They will get you through all your commutes and travels no problem!

  • Stand up comedians, high calibre guests and, intriguing questions such as 'have you ever flown a kite!?' what more could you ask for from a podcast? Richard Herring is a British stand up comedian who never fails to make me laugh out loud on public transport or walking down the street. As much as I love Richard the guests he has on are what will keep bringing you back. You feel like you get a more true sense of who these people are because they're just being so open and funny talking about their past with stories they perhaps don't share everywhere else. It's a really fab listen. One of my favorite episodes to get you in is definitely Dawn French. You'll be laughing hysterically!

  • Again not been an upload in a while but there's nothing stopping you from enjoying what's already there. I am warning you now though his intro song for the pod is incredibly catchy so don't come blaming me when you have that stuck in your head all day! This podcast does what it says on the tin. There's rambling about life, games, babies and more with a guy called Sips. Who is also one part of the trio from the aforementioned Triforce podcast. Sips manages to pull of 30 minutes of entertainment all by himself and I honestly just love this guys outlook on life. Just really honest and really funny what more can you ask for!

So there's my list of my top 10 favourite podcasts... Do you like podcasts? What podcasts are you guys listening to right now? Let me know in the comments or tweet me @thatsashajay

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