The Top 10 Podcasts Everyone Should Be Listening To

I am a biigggg fan of podcasts! This stems from back in England when I was commuting 45 minutes to work everyday and I started to get really bored of my music collection. So I needed a little more stimulation during all those hours a week staring out of a tram or bus window. And then I discovered podcasts.

So whether you need a little background noise to sleep or some entertainment on the way to work here's my list of my ultimate top 10 podcasts I listen to on the regular. And I do believe there is something on this list for everyone, boys, girls, everyone in between, the young and the old.

  • A weekly podcast starring the QI elves (the researchers for the show) a 30 minute podcast where each elf talks about their favourite fact they've found that week and they riff from there. These guys are incredibly funny and you can learn a little something along the way.

  • Not as terrifying as it sounds, a weekly podcast with the amazing comedian Deborah Frances-White. Listen to the ladies talk about all our insecurities and laugh along  to the reasons we can all agree on that make us rubbish feminists. GF always has hilarious and interesting guests on to help tackle life's 21st century problems such as tinder nightmares and body hating we can all relate to.

  • So the guys at Rooster Teeth are a gaming based company they make the phenomenally successful online show Red vs Blue. Just because RT are based around gaming and that might not be your cup of tea, I really do believe this podcast is for everyone!! The guys (usually; Gus, Burnie, Barbara and, Gav) talk about everything from games, tv shows to funny life stories *including wet dreams on planes and making their employees throw up). This is the kind of podcast that has you being the crazy person on the bus because you are laughing out loud (this has happened to me a few times) This one is probably my all time favourite podcast and I try to never miss an episode.

  • From the guys at Yogscast comes this rowdy podcast consisting of gaming, stories and ramblings about life. These 3 guys will have you in stitches. Again you don't have to be a big fan of their other work. This podcast is a work of art all on it's own. With Lewis, Pyrion and Sips.My favourite topics they have covered are bleached body parts, hairy ladies and optimal nap methods.  If you just to tune out of lifes nonsense for a little while, this is the one.

  • If you are on the internet and don't know who Grace Helbig is we cannot be friends! This absolute queen of the internet brings you this hilariously dumb podcast featuring all your fave stars of the internet for 45 minutes of hilarity that has you asking the real questions in life such as who do you want to throw cold spaghetti at!? If you don't know Grace this is a great introduction. I had the pleasure of meeting her once at a book signing and her real life charm and wit really shines through in this podcast!

  • From the absolute OG's of Youtube comes this amazing pod from the infamous Green brothers. Find out how everything is about death in the most extremely amusing way and take with a bucket of salt some with dubious advice from this gracious duo. Always funny always informative and always something to learn about Mars and, small league English football teams. A must listen!!

  • Chris Hardwick hosts one of the most popular podcasts in the charts. Learn everything you can about his amazing guests such as Sarah Jessica Parker, Patrick Stewart and, Anna Kendrick! Always witty,  always eye opening this is one of my favourite podcasts to listen to with stars this bloody famous! I didn't know who Chris was before this podcast which seems crazy now but he is really funny and just so real. And I've learned a lot about some stars from this pod! 

  • So these guys haven't uploaded in a while but there is a fantastic back catalogue for you to go listen to. Join Jon, Dan and, Matt week in week out whilst they talk their way through everything video games, Trump and stupid everyday life with a rib-tickling realism. The best thing about these podcasts is that they are bloody loonnggggg. They will get you through all your commutes and travels no problem!

  • Stand up comedians, high calibre guests and, intriguing questions such as 'have you ever flown a kite!?' what more could you ask for from a podcast? Richard Herring is a British stand up comedian who never fails to make me laugh out loud on public transport or walking down the street. As much as I love Richard the guests he has on are what will keep bringing you back. You feel like you get a more true sense of who these people are because they're just being so open and funny talking about their past with stories they perhaps don't share everywhere else. It's a really fab listen. One of my favorite episodes to get you in is definitely Dawn French. You'll be laughing hysterically!

  • Again not been an upload in a while but there's nothing stopping you from enjoying what's already there. I am warning you now though his intro song for the pod is incredibly catchy so don't come blaming me when you have that stuck in your head all day! This podcast does what it says on the tin. There's rambling about life, games, babies and more with a guy called Sips. Who is also one part of the trio from the aforementioned Triforce podcast. Sips manages to pull of 30 minutes of entertainment all by himself and I honestly just love this guys outlook on life. Just really honest and really funny what more can you ask for!

So there's my list of my top 10 favourite podcasts... Do you like podcasts? What podcasts are you guys listening to right now? Let me know in the comments or tweet me @thatsashajay

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