Brisbane Day Out. Photo Diary.

Me and Rich headed out and about today around Brisbane River and CBC and we had the nicesttttt day and barely paid a cent! So made a little photo diary for you guys.

First off we headed on to the FREE Cityhopper Ferry, that takes you all the way along the river with multiple stops to hop off at. It was really beautiful and peaceful could have sat there all day and just snapped away on the camera.

We stayed on till the end of the line and walked along the riverside, naturally we stopped at the playground and ran around like little kids, hey when you're poor beggars can't be choosers of their entertainment!

We walked around and headed back to the river to jump back on the ferry and went part way back up the river and jumped off near to the city and went for a wonder round the shops. We found this amazing japanese discount store where everything was $2.80 why not 2 or 3 haha I have no idea! Rich found us a mini tripod for our phones and I naturally found my way to the japanese snack aisle!

We carried on wandering round the city taking in the sights and the heat! I love the constant hustle and bustle of the city and the shopping area in Brisbane isn't like many other cities. I just love all the people, the art and the buskers!

Brisbane is gorgeous in the sun and the only money we spent was on a late lunch. Usually we take our own food out with us but today we mustn't have our heads screwed on the this morning when we left.
Have you been to Brisbane? What are you favourite spots? Let me know


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