What life's really like living in a hostel

Disclaimer: Before you read this whether you live in a hostel or you don't and want to know what it's like please do note I am writing this as a 23yr old, "fully functioning" adult who has left her all night uni drinking binges in the past. A boring adult do you hear me! ...I like to read! ...I might as well have knitted this blogpost!
(all will be become clear)

Hostels have their ups and hostels have their downs, as does all communal living So here we go

1.There will always be someone to talk to, you are never alone
2.there will always people to lend you cigarettes
3. someone cleans your room and bathroom for you!
4. You don't pay bills or for the terribly slow wifi you spend most of the night complaining about.
5. Meeting new people is a walk in the park
6. You will more than likely end up in a good central locations, that an apartment in the same location would cost an arm and a leg for!
7. Hostels can be great for finding work quickly and without fuss and if you're totally broke you can work at most hostels for couple hours a day cleaning for free accommodation. I'm currently babysitting the owners kids a couple hours a day for free accommodation!

And then there are the cons but take it all with a pinch of salt...
1. There's always people... Alwayysssssss. If you're anything like me and you need some alone time every now and again it can be pretty difficult when you live with forty-five 20 year olds who just want to get TOALLLLYYY WASSTEDDDD every.single.fricken.night. I KNOW I sound so old and boring but I warned you about this in the beginning. I warned you damn it. I love to get black out drunk as much as the next gal but it isn't always what you need when you have work the next day...

Back to the point, if you're even slightly introverted sometimes it can be tricky, but just take a deep breath and buy some really, really good noise cancelling headphones. You'll soon learn that *I am wearing headphones* is actually the universal sign for; “leave me the fuck alone please and thank you, do not talk to me right now. I don't have time for people right now.” Millennials respect a good pair of headphones y'know.

2. You do have to share a bathroom with a lot of people... I'm sure you can imagine.
3. 50 people sharing the wifi does mean those speeds are not what you need. Australia especially doesn't have good wifi to start with, it's crazy. Get with the times Oz!!!

And... 4. If you've come travelling as part of a couple like me just spend the extra bit of money and get your own room. Seriously... I'm talking from experience, you'll save yourself a lot of embarrassment and awkward fumblings in a single bed when you think no ones in the room (and sorry again to that lovely japanese boy, who was indeed... in the room)

And just remember this place is home away from home, enjoy every moment!

What's your favorite thing about hostel life? Let me know in the comments below

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