Looking for work, then Sydney is the place for you. Coming here from England I was blown away by how much work was going and how much bloody money they'll pay you! I haven't yet worked for less than $23 aus (£14 time of writing) which is double our minimum wage!
SO where to start.

White Card
Boys in particular get a white card for $30 ish and get working construction, no experience really needed, menial labour for around $25-$30 an hour. Seriously it's almost too easy, join an agency and bob's your uncle. Also note always be asking people in your hostle if they know of any work (hint: they definitely do)
I know I said boys and that pains me but it's easier for them, Oz doesn't seem quite as progressive as England, but girls don't give up hope just yet you can get a white card and for the most part you'll get offered traffic control: standing with a stop and go sign spinning it from time to time. Fucking boring but equally good money $30-$35 an hour. Some agencies will hire girls for labour just be prepared to fight for it!

Agencies are your best friend, get online, get phoning and get joining. They'll ask to meet you, talk over your CV check you're not a total imbecile and ask what kind of work you're looking for and boom! Go home wait for the call asking you to go to work on Monday.

Agencies come in all shapes and sizes, some in particular Blackadder recruitment, Frontline, Hays, Hudsons. Ring around and ask what's what for example: Hays have an office job department, construction jobs department and so on and so on. If you have any kind of work experience there's an agency out there for you.

Word of Mouth
Seriously get drinking, get socialising and a job will appear. Sydney is a lover of word of mouth and 'oh do you know anyone who can come give us a hand tomorrow' and if you were crying over a box of goon about how broke you are last might you'll sure be the first to come to mind

Super popular over here, tons of jobs are psoted here and my advice if they've given a phone number with their advert ring them! You'll be in with way more of a chance of bagging yourself an interview.

Good luck!
Any advice out there or questions just let me know in the comments below! (hey that rhymed!)

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