Finding accommodation abroad.

Hey future travelers of the world, looking for accommodation in random and seemingly strange new places here's some advice from my own experiences.

Always look for discounts, they're out there somewhere on the google-sphere. You're best bet is probably When we decided Sydney was our first stop, hostel world was our first stop and we got an INSANELY good discount way more than half price off. 
It was great, and they have hostels on there from all over the world. But don't worry if you can't see a hostel you want on there straight away, they're always chopping and changing and offering different deals. Also don't always go for the first offer you see if you're not in too much of a rush. Go back over a period of a couple of weeks you never know an even better deal might appear! It's part persistence, part look of the draw

Work for accommodation
A lot of hostels if not all offer work for free accommodation, when I say work I mean clean for two hours of your day, which leaves the rest of your day free to actually go to work and earn some money that is all yours and isn't going to be eaten away by rent wahoooo! So before you book a hostel just give them a quick call or e-mail and ask. I currently babysit for the manager, and my boyfriend Richard is the night manager so we both get our double bed room completely free!
There's also websites you can apply for hostel cleaning on like:, and

Gumtree is used for everything in Australia which came as a surprise as we're not really on that bandwagon in England. They love it here, find everything from jobs, things to buy and working for accommodation. Have a nosey and you're bound to find something.

Facebook groups. There is a facebook group for everything, and they can help with all sorts including work. Some examples of groups I'm in are Sydney Backpacker and Backpacker jobs Australia. So just search along those lines for the place you are at.

I hope these tips helped someone, can you think of anymore tips, leave them in the comments below!

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