So, you want to move to Australia want to move to the other side of the planet. God that sounds like a lot of hard work and swings and roundabouts and loopholes amma right... NOPE wrong. It's so surprisingly easy, I mean seriously if you want to do it just fucking do it!

My first step was obtaining a passport as somehow I did not have one at the ripe old age of 22 (I know) but it was super easy. The only downside being, that in the UK being an adult and wanting a passport for the first time means attending an interview. It was quick and a bit weird but half an hour and I was done after that my passport was sent to my work within two weeks. Simple.

VISAS: Want to know whats even easier than that? Get a Working Holiday Visa for Australia. Seriously all you need to do is go to the Aus Gov website fill out the forms which take about 10 minutes, pay (£220 $440aus) and apply. Most people I've met, myself and Rich included it was approved the same day (within minutes for some!) Then you're a free bird ready to fly. (Click here for list of eligible countries for a WHV)

Okay so you're not a bird and you can't fly because that would be free right!

This is the hardest step but considering how easy they were I wouldn't worry.
FLIGHTS: Skyscanner is your best friend. But I warn you now go incognito and get deleting cookies on the regular. (and you thought incognito mode was just for porn!) 
This was a process for us. We didn't know when we could go, when we wanted to go, when we could leave work etc etc and flight prices change each and every day so keep checking back for a week or so and that should give you a rough idea on varying prices. We got a super cheap flight but a bitch of a journey (54hrs in total I believe, I know we're dumb). This is entirely up to you and your budget though. If you have the extra money to spend on a shorter flight, go for it. If you don't just think of your 16hr layover in amsterdam as a mini holiday before your year long holiday. Trust me it's the best way to get through it.

MOVING: So, I would say this was the most stressful part for us, we had an entire apartment's worth of crap to get rid of and we just didn't know where to start... but you can learn from my stresses, I'm like your stress freeing fairy godmother. Start with selling the big things: TV's, Computers, Speakers etc etc etc. Websites like was a big help for getting rid of books, cd's and dvd's. There are also websites for selling all your clothes you won't need. Another big help for me was local facebook pages for you area, anything I put up on there was gone within the day. 
Then decide what you want to keep, get it in boxes and off to your mums for storage. 
The last and MOST important stage of all this is the bin... you heard me just get rid of it. I cannot even tell you how much we wanted to keep for no good reason. Now we are in Oz and been here a fair few months I could not even tell you the things in those boxes in England. Try to see the bigger picture, most things do not matter... if you can sell it and get some more spending money for your travels just bloody do it! You'll thank me later.

SO there you have the world's quickest guide to moving to the other side of the planet.
P.S you might also want to tell your boss and family and friends that you're leaving... or... maybe you don't!

Have any tips leave them in the comments below.

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