7 Types of people you will find at every hostel

Disclaimer: All names, and characters portrayed in this blog are fictitious. No identification with actual persons, is intended or should be inferred ;)
seriously no offence.

So I've been living in a hostel for 3 months now and it's great. The place is starting to feel at home and the people are starting to feel like family. But you sometimes can't help but notice that people come and people go, and you'll meet the same 'characters' again and again
now this blog post is only meant in jest, and hopefully some light comic relief to those travelers out there who may recognise a few of the characters mentioned.

1. I am possibly starting with the most cliched of all... The run of the mill 'gap year' backpacker. He looks around 12, his eyes filled with youth, hope and wonder. You find yourself wondering; 'should you be here by yourself?' oh and  he most definitely owns a guitar or ukulele or both! and one day he is just going to nail that cover of Wonderwall like no ever has before.

2. The WOO girl/s... you know the one, don't say you don't. She came travelling straight after high school, likes nothing more than cheap alcopops and attention. She's young, naive but she's harmless and she is someone to get drunk with on any day you fancy!
I warn you now though, she's only ever one red solo cup of cheap wine away from WOOOO-ing... a lot and repeatedly WOOOOOOOO

3 The Stoners: Inoffensive, down for whatever and always cool to share a joint with anyone. Everyone loves the stoners. How can anyone dislike them!? They're a quintessential part of travelling.

4 The Guy that's too old to be here: He has had enough of the 9-5 working life back home and decided there's more to life than this... So he got himself a one way plane ticket. But now he's found himself in a hostel full of teenagers and he's not quite sure how or why. Enjoy his pearls of wisdom, he's your guy when you're in need of an expensive cigarette or to have an actual adult conversation with!

5 The couple: you can't avoid them... but they're probably trying to avoid you. They did not come here to make friends and socialise. they already came in a neat little package. They're probably really nice but they'll be in their room alone too much for you to find that out.

6. The guy that's been here WAY too long: Like you and I he came to travel around here, there and, everywhere. He came to see the sights, find new parts of the world: yet here we are, it's nine months later and has now found himself part of the furniture. You can't not like this guy, everyone is friends with this guy and I bet he's always the first to say hello to new comers... unlike the couple.

7. And finally, no one escapes we have... The girl that writes blogs... need I say more.

Have I missed anyone out let me know in the comments down below.

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